Web123 Re-launches along with 30 New Products & Services.

It’s all about helping small business take on the big league.

It’s not every day that a business like ours would undergo such a dramatic change after just nine months. However with a growing list of client needs and the pace of the Internet changing so damn fast, it was an easy decision really.

What the last nine months has taught us (and yes, even we are still learning!) is that building your website is just the first little step. Small Business Web Design is one part of it but It’s how you then ensure you make real profits from it that can sometimes be the hardest part.

You asked. We listened.

You told us you wanted to know how to drive more traffic to your sites, convert more browsers into buyers, sell more products, collect more leads and ultimately make more money, so we developed a complete range of tools, guides, courses, products and services to help you do just that.

We’ve spent the last four months reinventing ourselves and innovating our business to give you all the right tools you need to take on the big boys and reach your goals. And we sure hope we’ve delivered.


Take a tour of our brand new Products & Services categories and you’ll find:

Getting Started:

Containing a range of products to help you kick off your website on the right foot. From a free Website Starter Kit to ensure you’ve covered off the 5 most critical things when creating a website, to Web123’s own Website Template Customisation, Banner Design and new Logo Design services, we’ve left no stone unturned. If you haven’t got a Web123 Website just yet, start here with our Small Business Web Design offer.


Website Packages:

Here you’ll be sure to find an ideal website package to suit your needs. Whether you’re the DIY type, or prefer to leave it to the experts, our Affordable Website Packages range from the Kick Starter Package to the full, double-garage with ensuite, Business Deluxe Website Package.


Website Builder:

If you haven’t yet got a Web123 website yet then you might like to read about some of theBenefits of choosing a Web123, why you should choose Web123 and also find out how to get started with our Website Builder.  Visit this section and you’ll also find our Website Builder Demo Video or if you’re the reading type, download our step-by-step instructions and easily create your very own website yourself.


Web Design Templates:

Like a kid in a candy store, visit this section to get a taste of almost 100 different website styles just waiting to be devoured with your branding. And for existing clients, remember that once you get tired of your current design, you can easily swap to a new one completely free of charge. Happy browsing!


Content Writing Services:

We of all people know how hard it can be to find the right words for your website. There’s so much more to it than stringing together a few sentences about why and when you started your business.

Read more about the importance of copywriting and explore some fantastic options we’ve developed to help turn your boring copy into a selling machine. Check out our Website Copywriting, Blog Writing, Article Writing, Press Release Writing & Distribution and our eBook Writing Services – all neatly packaged at a price you can afford.


Social Media Design Services:

Let us pimp up your Facebook page, makeover your Twitter background or go to town with your YouTube channel. Web123’s new Facebook, Twitter and YouTube design service is ready to help you take on the social media arena. Better still, buy a Social Media Design Package and save 20%.


Social Media & Content Marketing:

For those that are ready to tackle social media head-on but have no idea where to start, you’ll love our Social Media Strategy. And for ongoing help to manage your social media endeavours and keep up with your website’s content strategies, check out our Social Media & Content Packages designed to take the social media burden off your shoulders and generate great leads for your business. If you want to help drive traffic to your site but you only have a limited budget, then our Hub Pages & Squidoo Lenses might be for you. They’re a great and cost-effective way to get quick traffic to your site.


Online Advertising:

If it’s instant results you want, read more about our Pay Per Click (PPC) packages.  We’ve developed three very affordable packages that include expert management and the price of your clicks for your very own Google Adwords campaign.

If you’re more the DIY type, you might like our Do-It-Yourself PPC Package. We’ll set up your campaign properly, test that it performs over a one-month period then train you on how to effectively manage it yourself – so you can save the monthly management fee. And if you’ve found some websites or blogs you want to advertise on, you can’t go past our Banner & Blog Ads Service, expertly written and designed to get you results.


Search Engine Optimisation SEO:

Did you know that 90% of search engine users will click on a result in the first 3 pages of search engine rankings? Where’s your business? If you want to move your website from page 17 to page 1 on Google, then you need our affordable Small Business SEO Packages.

SEO moves your website up the search engine rankings (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) by making it more appealing and visible to them, and the higher you move through the search engine rankings, the more potential customers (and their wallets) you can reach. Read more about SEO if you’re serious about bringing more business to your website.


Courses, Guides & eBooks:

Web123’s collection of How-to Guides, Training Courses and nifty eBooks are designed to quickly help newbies make sense of online marketing and web design.  They’re easy to understand, packed with useful information, tips and step by step instructions and will give you the confidence to grab onto the Internet and give it a good hard shake!


Member Vs Non-Member pricing

You’ll notice on our new site, the majority of our products vary in price.  This is based on whether you are an existing Web123 website owner (a Member) or have not yet purchased a Web123 website (a Non-Member).

Existing Web123 clients get significant discounts on the services we provide. We’re always looking for awesome ways to look after clients and this is one of them.  It’s our way of saying ‘thanks’.

If you’re not a Web123 Member yet, you will have to pay a little more.  We simply can’t offer the same rates for website owners not using our Web123 platform.  We’d go broke.  I think you’ll agree though, they are still very competitively priced.


Member’s Lounge

…is coming real soon so stay tuned! The new Web123 Member’s Lounge is where you’ll find loads of useful resources all in one handy place.  As we build up our content library with articles, eBooks, training courses, How-to Guides and more, this is where it’ll be housed ready for you to sink your teeth into it when you’ve got a spare hour or two.

We’ll always try to notify you through our newsletters when new content becomes available.  You’ll notice in future newsletters that some content will be for Member’s only whilst other content is for all eyeballs. Feel free to still call us though if you need any help or advice.

Our new and improved blog

Can we just say… We LOVE our new blog! We’re going to feed it with informative yet engaging tips, tricks, lessons, tutorials, advice and whatever else you ask us for!

We’ll try to keep you updated as much as possible through our weekly advice emails but we won’t be able to tell you about all of our new blog posts. Check back regularly to see what’s new or even better, subscribe to our RSS feed so you know the minute they’re posted. We hope you enjoy!


Free Weekly Advice

Along with offering great advice and the success strategies you need to develop your website into a real profit machine, we’d like to also extend an invitation to Web123 members to advertise in our weekly newsletter free of charge. It’s another small thing we can do to help you promote your business online. Details are coming soon so stay tuned.

Make sure you tell your friends and colleagues too to subscribe also.  We’re all about sharing the love!

Noticed out new tagline?

You might also notice that our tagline has changed from:

‘Build your own website…Easy As!’


‘Real People. Real Profits. Easy As.


We felt our previous tagline didn’t position us in the right light now that we are so much more than just another website builder.

A big “thanks” to the clients that gave us feedback and helped us determine where our strengths lie. It was awesome for us to learn exactly what’s important to you in your dealings with us.

Turns out, majority of you value our service and support, our people and our ‘can-do’ attitude along with the affordability of our product and the ease-of-use of the Web123 system. So you can start to see why we’ve chosen ‘Real People. Real Profits. Easy As.

Thanks again! We hope you like it as much as we do.


Thanks to our clients. We’re feelin’ the love!

Finally, an extra big “THANK YOU” goes out to our very special clients who have stood by our side through our journey. You witnessed our birth, our teething pains (hopefully not too many!!) and now our re-birth. We truly hope you’ll embrace our changes and love all that we’ve developed. After all, we’ve done it for you. We want to deliver an exceptional experience for you and your business, for years to come. This is just the beginning really.

Now let’s kick some online butt!


Tell us what you think! We’re dying to know! Leave us a comment now.

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