Web123 July Update: New SEO Guides, Local Marketing Audits 75% Off & Facebook’s New Rating System…

What’s up Web123 friends? We hope you had a brilliant end to the financial year and are all geared up for a new one!

Here’s what’s new @ Web123 for July 2018:

Some Awesome New Articles On The Blog…

We’ve added a couple of new detailed blogs so you can win more leads:

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Web123 Clients Can Now Enjoy a FREE One-On-One Marketing Session Every Month…

There’s nothing worse than getting mediocre advice from wannabe amateurs when it comes to your marketing and advertising. There are so many so called ‘experts’, it’s hard to know who to believe, and you end up throwing money at all different things that just don’t work.

Avoid making costly mistakes and Book a Call With Bianca to get the right advice. Let our director, Bianca Board, and her 22 years experience in web marketing help you dodge bullets, save money and win big with your website or digital marketing needs.  

  • Not sure how to optimise your Google My Business listing?
  • Not sure why your Facebook Ads aren’t working?
  • Not sure why you’re not ranking on Google?
  • Need to generate more leads?
  • Or have a burning question about what marketing tactic would deliver the best results for your business?

Book a Call With Bianca and get $500 of advice for FREE. You’re welcome!

The not so fine print: Valid for Web123 website clients from 1 July 2018 onwards. Clients must have a website currently hosted with Web123. Valid for one session per month, per business.

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July Special Offer: Get Your In-Depth Local Marketing Audit – 75% OFF!

It wasn’t that long ago that simply having a website was all you really needed to succeed online. It was a case of “Build a site and they would come” and it was great. But with nearly 200,000 websites going live each day, just having a site doesn’t cut it anymore.

So if you aren’t’ visible on Google organic search or Google Maps, how can your customers find you?

Never fear, Web123 to the rescue! 👊

If you have no idea what keywords people are typing into Google to find you….
If you’re not sure where your business currently ranks on Google….
If you’d love to know what you could do to get more ‘quality’ local traffic for free….

Find out how to beat your competition and save 75% >

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Generating Big Wins For Local Clients

We achieved some phenomenal results for our clients last month, like;

  • A Medi Spa in Sydney who is now #1 organically for ‘anti ageing facials’ in her area.
  • A Hairdresser who is ranking # 1 in Google’s ‘Snack Pack’ for ‘wedding hair Sydney’ – all in the first month of her campaign!
  • The WordPress website redesign and SEO campaign we’re doing for a commercial window and door company in Sydney, now ranking # 1 for 82 different keyword terms, plus # 1 in Google’s ‘Snack Pack’ in Sydney for ‘double glazed doors’, ‘double glazed windows’ and a ton more!
  • Plus, a barcoding client who just sold THREE big products in the last two weeks worth $3-7k each, from our SEO campaign and the quick wins method we use to generate big wins early on.

If getting your marketing sorted for the new financial year is a goal of yours, get in touch and we’ll let you know how we can help you too.

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In other news…

Facebook Has a New 10 Star Rating System

Ever looked a restaurant on Facebook, saw they had 4 star reviews and it turned out to be a dump?

Yeah, us too. Turns out we’re not the only ones getting tired of this happening, Facebook have recently introduced a 10 star rating system for business pages.

Our pals over at Social Media Today have put together a great article if you’re interested in finding out a little more about what this means for your business page.


Google just deleted a ton of anonymous reviews on the down-low

Following on from Facebook’s rating updates, Google have also quietly removed a ton of anonymous Google reviews over the last couple of weeks.

It’s another step in their big ‘cleanup’ of the interwebs, aimed at preventing people from leaving anonymous reviews (or bad reviews left by your employees).

MOZ have created a great article if you’re keen to find out more.

If you’d like a hand managing your own reviews (and boosting your search rankings in the process!) – ask us about our review management software. It’s an extremely handy tool that not only showcases your top ratings automatically, but lets you respond privately to anyone who may have an issue they’d like to raise.

Get in touch if you’d like more details.


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We’re all birthday’d out after our big June celebrations, but we have plenty on to keep us busy all the same so here’s to a ripper July!

Bianca & The Web123 Crew


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