Are You Ready? When to Launch a Website


Launching a website can feel like having the weight of the world on your shoulders. There are many things you might like to do to make your website the best there ever was, but you might not have the time or the resources to work out every last detail. If you’re launching a new website, clearly you’ll want everything to be perfect — but does it have to be?

For an entrepreneur, getting your business online is a huge step. You can easily spend months working out the perfect combination of copywriting and colours to make your business’s big debut online. But spending too much time working out all the little details can potentially do more harm than good – sometimes it’s better just to dive in and get something online!

If your old website looks like something from an 80s infomercial (or worse!), it could be doing more harm than good to your brand. When a potential customer searches for your company online, what do they see? You want to ensure that they immediately perceive your brand as legitimate, professional, and trustworthy. Build consumer confidence via that first impression by showing them your semi-complete work-of-art website rather than the stale old site. 

If your new website is the first time ever taking your brand online, you’ll want to get your site live as quickly as possible. While there are many ways of establishing your web presence, your website will be the homebase for your business online. Getting every last detail sorted out can be overwhelming, but launching  website doesn’t mean getting your website perfect.

Stop worrying.What’s holding you back from launching your site today? If you’re struggling to work out ecommerce details so you can accept payments online, turn your shopping cart off temporarily and use the site as an information hub until you get it sorted. Waiting on images from that photographer friend who’s developing pictures at a snail’s pace? Consider filling in the space with stock images while you wait, or set that particular page to “Do Not Display” so it’s temporarily hidden from the public. Is your domain name being held hostage by a crazy ex exmployee in Timbuktu? You might be able to get an alternate domain name for your site until the details of the one you really want are worked out.

If you’re really unsure about publishing your site, creating a holding page with your logo and contact details can be enough to show potential customers that you’re a legitimate business and your site is a work in progress. A holding page obviously isn’t as good as having your actual site live, but it is a way of showing there are lights on at home.
A website should never be finished and is always a work in progress. Don’t think about redesigning a site later, just make little improvements all the time, like the Kaizen method. Little improvements over a long period of time amount to great change, and that way they can constantly measure what works and what doesn’t. Get your business online and launch a website, perfect or not!
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