21 Amazing Homepages That Generate Sales

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Designing a homepage that actually converts visitors into buyers can be pretty tricky.

The great news is… you can use this blog as a guide to creating a killer, sales producing website within just a few weeks.

In this blog, we showcase 21 amazing homepages that are generating quality sales on a regular basis.

How would it feel to go from 2 leads per month to 2 leads per day? Pretty sweet huh?

Let’s dive in…


1: Louisa Morris Cakes


“Louisa Morris Cake prepares handmade award winning produce, including jams, pickles, Christmas puddings, fruit cakes, melting moments & our famous gluten free brownies and sells them online”  

What’s so good about their homepage:

  • The pink macarons in the banner look delicious and very attractive to viewers. It’s a great way to capture people’s attention and even better that she has a strong Call-To-Action to pull first time visitors through the site.
  • Louisa Morris Cakes inserted their awards on their homepage. This is another great tactic to add trust and credibility to your site.
  • The three feature products displayed prominently on the home page with clear Call-To-Action buttons entice people to buy their products on the spot.

Visit Louisa Morris Cakes


2: Tenfold Coaching

“Tenfold Coaching provide business owners with guidance and strategies to reach your goals with speed and achieve real, lasting results”.

Some great points about their homepage are:

  • Contact number with Call-To-Action text “CALL US TODAY” located in the top-right corner of the homepage. This is a great way to entice potential customers to pick up the phone and give you a call and is proven to increase conversion rates.


  • Tenfold Coaching provides an irresistible lead magnet on their homepage banner. The lead magnet is a free downloadable ebook on “6 Steps For Fool-proof Time Management”, which offers incredible value and can be rapidly consumed.


  • Call-To-Action on the banner “Download Our Free Ebook Now”. The aim here is to prompt viewers to click on the Call-To-Action button and download the ebook. It’s a fantastic approach to build up your client contact list for future newsletter campaigns.


Visit Tenfold Coaching


3: Prodigitex.com

“ProDigitek is a leading supplier of Scientific and Analytical Equipment for the Electro-chemical and Renewable Energy Industries.”

Some great points about their homepage are:

  • In the main banner ProDigitek included a bright orange Call-To-Action button ‘Browse Our Range Now” accompanied by a headline “The leading suppliers Scientist and Analytics Equipement for the Electro-chemical and Renewable Energy Industries”. The aim there is to entice people to browse through their website and learn more about ProDigitek’s product range.


  • The downloadable PDF checklist just above the footer is a great way to capture the details of browsers who might not be ready to buy just yet. Because it’s a checklist, it’s short, which means people can consume the content rapidly and move quickly through the buying cycle. This should be the goal of any lead magnet these days as people are so busy. Don’t do a long waffly eBook, people will rarely read it. Keep it short and sweet!


  • The Footer contains valuable information about the office’s location in NSW. To improve the user’s experience, they’ve included a footer navigation to show all pages on their website.



Visit Prodigitex


4: Financial Planning QLD

“Financial Planning Qld is a full service financial planning firm based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. They provide tailored financial strategies for individuals and organisations.”


Some great points about their Homepage are:

  • Simple and easy navigation – The navigation menu is clear, simple to understand and easy to use.
  • There is some form of Guarantee included on the website – “No Fee Guarantee”
  • The footer navigations show all the pages on the website. The aim here is to improve the navigation and usability of the homepage leading to better user experience.


Visit Financial Planning QLD


5: Janison


“Janison helps Australian schools and universities respond by aligning their curriculum to build critical skills for the 21st Century”.

Some great points about their Homepage are:

  • Janison makes great use of their heading “BUILDING 21ST CENTURY SKILLS” and subheading “Janison is your trusted guide for your learning journey” to communicate their business value proposition the minute people view their website.
  • Janison has an award-winning icon under the green Call-To-Action button stating “AWARD-WINNING LEARNING AND ASSESSMENT TECHNOLOGIES”. The use of awards and certifications is a fantastic way of gaining credibility and trust.
  • The inclusion of a video on the homepage is a fantastic way for Janison to entice viewers to click, watch and learn more about their business. This is a very effective way of gaining people’s attention on your homepage.


Visit Janison


6: Cancer Confidence


“Cancer Confidence is dedicated to inform, inspire and educate people living through cancer about how they can lead themselves”.

Some good points about the homepage are:

  • Cancer Confidence used an amazing picture of the founder of the business, giving a warm and human element to the homepage.
  • There is a free 3-part video opt-in “How To Change The Cancer Conversation” which will form an almost instant connection with the target audience which is great for the brand.


  • Cancer Confidence offers a free download titled “The 7 Stages Of Cancer Acceptance” to get viewers to register for their newsletter. This is a great example of an effective use of a lead magnet as a conversion strategy.


Visit Cancer Confidence


7: Rid Squad


“The Hunter and Central Coast Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) Squad are a team of experienced investigators who are authorised by Local Councils under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act to examine instances of illegal dumping and illegal landfill.”

Some good points about the homepage:

  • The video is in a great location. People do not have to scroll down to watch the video. This a very effective way to invite people to click on the video and learn more about the charity.
  • The heading “Report Illegal Dumping & Landfill” and the subheading “Illegal dumping is a crime, don’t ignore it” gives the viewers an idea about what The Hunter and Central Coast Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) Squad do.
  • Call-To-Action button “Report Illegal Dumping Online” is included to entice people to click and report any Illegal Dumping.


Visit Rid Squad


8: Brisbane Hypnosis


“Brisbane Hypnosis centres provide hypnotherapy treatment for smoking, alcohol, gambling, weight loss, anxiety and other issues.”

Some good points about the homepage:

  • The bright orange Call-To-Action button “Book an Appointment” is well placed on the homepage to attract attention and tell people what to do. This makes it extremely enticing for people to click and book an appointment.
  • Brisbane Hypnosis includes a living case study. One of their clients made the following statement. “I had 2 treatments for smoking and gambling. Smoking now seems like another lifetime… Gambling habit has now gone. The best part of all of it is being able to still enjoy a beer or my morning coffee without a worry.” The use of testimonials is an exceptionally smart technique to build trust and credibility.
  • The inclusion of a map with location data on the homepage is an effective way for Brisbane Hypnosis to enjoy more local search traffic from Google.



Visit Brisbane Hypnosis


 9: South Coast First Aid


“South Coast First Aid conducts a wide variety of essential first aid training courses, going from CPR training through to more specific childcare first aid with emergency asthma and anaphylaxis”.

Some good points about South Coast First Aid:

  • A blue arrow pointing to the enrollment form prompts viewers to register for a First Aid course. This is an excellent conversion trick to get new customers to complete the form. The Call-To-Action text “Register for a course in just 30 seconds. We’ll be in touch!” encourages people to act and fill in the form.
  • The inclusion of Award Winning certifications and South Coast First Aid’s partners increase trust, credibility and quality of South Coast First Aid services in the mind of the viewers.
  • South Coast First Aid included three types of guarantees “Free shipping on orders over $300”, “$10 Flat rate shipping Australia-wide” and “Secure online checkout”. Including some form of guarantee will instil a sense of trust so people will consider making a purchase via the website.


Visit South Coast First Aid


10: Janine Moran


“Janine Moran finds creative ways to help couples really understand each other through effective relationship counselling, separation discerning, mediation and break-up support.”

Some good points about the homepage are:

  • The inclusion of a contact number with Call-To-Action “CALL 02 6260 8001 TO DISCUSS YOUR NEEDS” is a great way to entice potential customers to call and book an appointment or enquire.
  • The image of the founder of the business offers a personal touch to the homepage, giving it some character. This is an awesome way of building her personal brand into her business to form an emotional connection with visitors.
  • Janine Moran, the founder of the business, allocated a section of the homepage where she explained what differentiated her from other counselors or mediators.


Visit Janine Moran


11: Total Health Options


“Total Health Options provides access to truthful, well researched information, so that people can make informed decisions about their health challenges, and to source for their client, innovative, affordable, health care solution that work.”

Some good points about their website:

  • Keyword rich services with benefit driven copy, “Health Challenges”, “Healthy Living” and “Relationship & Family”, have been included in the Total Health Options website.
  • The insertion of the recognition logo “22 years in improving health and wellness” gives trust and credibility to Total Health Options products and services.
  • Total Health Options included the “NutriKane D” with a Call-To-Action Button to lure people to make a purchase. The purple colour of Call-To-Action buttons is designed to seize the attention of potential customers.


Visit Total Health Options


12: Southern Cotton


“Southern Cotton provides quality ginning for quality growers. Ranked as one of the best gins in Australia, we consistently deliver personalised service and offer competitive pricing options”

Some of the good points of their homepage are:

  • Quick summary descriptions on “About Us”, “Our Services”, “Cotton Club” and “Growers” with keyword rich phrases. This gives a quick overview about what the Southern Cotton is all about and what sort of services they offer.
  • The heading “Call Kate to discuss your ginning contract” and the subheading “Quality growers – like you – deserve quality cotton ginning for fast and timely service, gin with Southern Cotton” give the growers an idea what the Southern Cotton does and captures their attention.
  • Southern Cotton displays the grower’s testimonial on their homepage. They are using their client’s testimonial as a tool to build brand credibility. When you say something about yourself, it’s a marketing fluff. But when someone else says it, it’s super powerful.


Visit Southern Cotton


13: The Vintner’s Daughter


“The Vintner’s Daughter creates unique wines that reflect the land or ‘terroir’.

Some good points about their homepage are:

  • The inclusion of two award winning certifications on the homepage increase truth, credibility and quality of The Vintner’s Daughter’s wines in the mind of the viewers.
  • The picture of the happy couple owning the winery gives some character to the homepage. The small paragraph below the picture show how passionate they are about making premium quality wine.
  • The Text “ Get instant access to our new products, promos & more!” followed by the the bright orange Call-To-Action buttons “Sign up” is aiming at enticing viewers to click and register to their newsletters.


Visit The Vintner’s Daughter


14: Thrive Education Wellness


“Thrive Education Wellness aim is to empower parents and teachers with real-life strategies for supporting children’s success.”

  • The banner picture is well designed and the cartoon characters add a touch of warmth being happy parents and children. The picture of the founder smiling gives a warm touch to the homepage.
  • Thrive Education Wellness includes their partners’ logos on their homepage to gain more trust and credibility in the mind of the viewers. This is a great tactic for any site!
  • Thrive Education Wellness is offering a free ebook on “Primitive Reflexes”. The objective here is to get potential customers’ contact details when they download the ebook. This is a very effective approach of building Thrive Education Wellness mailing list for their future email campaigns.


Visit Thrive Education Wellness


15: McKenzie Chiropractic


“McKenzie Chiropractic’s team of health professionals prides itself on providing a very high quality of care to the community. Their team consists of Chiropractors, Myotherapists, Massage Therapists and Naturopaths. They are all committed to their patient ongoing wellness, naturally.”

Some good points about the homepage:

  • The four images with a brief summary description about “Chiropractic for Kids”, “About Chiropractic”, “Wellness” and “Pregnancy” really help in giving potential customers a quick insight about what McKenzie does at a glance.
  • The compelling banner design focuses on the problem and solution offered, rather than the features which goes a long way to convert a visitor into a lead. And the bright blue Call-To-Action button “Request your appointment” entices people to immediately book an appointment online.
  • The inclusion of a map with location, date, office address and opening hours gives viewers an idea when and where the business operates. The great thing with map and location data is that more search traffic will be driven to your page from Google.


Visit McKenzie Chiropractic


16: Kim Vella Coaching


“Kim Vella Coaching is for smart, successful senior leaders who have a career challenge they would like to take on – it is for motivated private and public sector professionals keen to unpick a problem that is causing a wedge in the workplace or a promotion pathway.”

Some good points about their homepage are:

  • The inclusion of ICF and ACC certifications on the homepage increase trust, credibility and quality of Kim Vella Coaching services in the mind of the potential customers.
  • Call-To-Action button “Book your free confidential 30-minutes consultation with Kim” encourages people to click and book the free consultation with Kim. Sometimes a lot of sites miss this obvious point of just telling your visitors what to do but in this case, Kim has nailed it.
  • Kim Vella Coaching includes a footer navigation for all their services along with their contact information and office address. These inclusions can sometimes draw more traffic from the Googles!


Visit Kim Vella Coaching


17: Australian Kokoda Tours


“Australian Kokoda Tours only run Kokoda treks and focus all their attention and energy on these treks. They take pride in our treks and our record, both on and off the track and only stay in a quality and safe hotel with 24 hour security facilities.”

Some good points about their homepage are:

  • The heading “TAKE THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE OF TREKKING” and “KOKODA ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ADVENTURE TREKS” are very appealing. It’s great Call-To-Action copy that challenges people to trek.
  • The Call-To-Action button “BOOK NOW” draws attention to the headline by motivating people to simply click and book.
  • The inclusion of the Kokoda Tour Operators Association and the Commercial Operator License on their homepage increases trust, credibility and quality of Australian Kokoda Tours services in the mind of the viewers.


Visit Australian Kokoda Tours


18: Perritos Online


“Pettitos Online supplies high quality, fashionable, trendy and affordable Dog and Cat Clothing and Accessories for all sizes of pets”.

Some good points about their homepage are:

  • The banner image makes the website fun and very attractive to viewers. The lady holding the cat and the paws patterned wallpaper gives a warm and lively feeling to the homepage.
  • The use of bright yellow on the pink background really makes the Call-To-Action ‘Explore Our Collection’ stand out. Using high colour contrast is a great way of attracting attention to your Call-To-Action button.
  • Being an eCommerce website, the aim of Perrotios Online is obviously to sell their products online. To get more sales, Perritos included their product categories with their corresponding images on their homepage making it easier for the visitor to find what they’re looking for in just a couple of clicks.


Visit Perritos Online


19: 888 Electrical Solutions


“888 Electrical Solutions provides complete electrical and communications delivery to new projects, upgrades of existing sites and ongoing 24/7 maintenance and service of any installation 365 days a year.”

Some good points about the website are:

  • The heading “Quality Innovation” and the subheading “Managing a superior solution that will exceed your expectations” tells us that 888 Electric Solutions provides quality and innovative electrical solutions, and the contrasting blue Call-To-Action button encourages the visitor to move through the site and learn more.
  • Having “Our commitment to you” shows that this company is customer focused and almost acts as a form of guarantee putting visitors fears at bay and instilling peace of mind to make contact for a free quote.
  • 888 Electrical included the partner logo “Austel” to help them gain more trust and credibility from potential customers.

Visit 888 Electrical Solutions


20: The Knee Guide


“The Knee Guide’s expert advisory panel interviewed health professionals, reviewed the medical literature and web resources to bring together everything people need to guide them through the process of knee replacement surgery & reclaim your quality of life!”

Some good points about their homepage are:

  • There are several Call-To-Action buttons on the Knee Guide’s homepage. The Calls-To-Action are included to encourage people to click and read about their articles on knee pain, knee surgery and other knee related resources.
  • The Knee Guide is offering a free ebook with a Call-To-Action button “Signup and download for free”. This is what we call a lead magnet designed to attract more people to register to The Knee Guide’s Newsletters.
  • Great use of testimonials on the homepage with eye catching title “Praise for The Knee Guide”. Testimonials, as mentioned before, are a really awesome way of getting people’s trust, especially if they are given advice on such a sensitive issue.


Visit The Knee Guide

21: Omalley Fitness


“O’Malley Fitness helps their clients by putting together their own specific exercise program, which might include cardio training, strength training, weight training, core training and flexibility training or a combination of all.”

Some good points about the homepage are:

  • O’Malley Fitness made use of footer navigations to show all their internal pages and make their homepage not only more user friendly, but also easier for people to navigate throughout their website.
  • The inclusion of a timetable for O’Malley Fitness’ classes is a great way of showing their target customers what classes they offer. The use of the Call-To-Action “Check out what’s on this week” is the final step to encourage viewers to click and go to the classes’ timetable.
  • O’Malley Fitness has included the testimonial of Steve Johnson, one of the AFL Star Players from the Geelong Cats. This is a very powerful association of their brand to the Geelong Cats, that is definitely boosting up their credibility, trust and driving sports fan’s attention to their fitness services.


Visit Omalley Fitness


How does your website homepage stack up when it comes to generating sales?

Leave us a comment below with your top tips!

(NOTE: Want a step-by-step system to transform your website from a simple brochure to a lead generating machine? See Web123’s free 47-Point Homepage Checklist and get a BONUS homepage design template by clicking here.)



If you have any questions regarding the blog or make your homepage a killer, contact us via email or call 1800 932 123. We’d be more than happy to lend a helping hand. 🙂

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