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Ever log into Facebook and wonder why some posts are featured all the time and others are completely off your radar? Just like there’s a semi-mysterious formula behind what makes one website show up before another one in Google searches, there’s another set of rules, called Edgerank, that determines which updates are worthy of the Top News portion on Facebook.

Newsfeed is a staple feature of Facebook– it’s where all activity on the site is channeled for friends, fans, and most importantly, potential clients to see. The default display on this feed is Top Stories, which are the most popular posts and updates within your network.

While Facebook isn’t exactly handing out the actual formula they use, we do know a thing or two about what tends to be “stickier”, and a few tips for keeping your posts in your potential customers’ line of vision.

  • Relationship – Someone in your network might have posted the most amazing video of all time, but if it’s someone you haven’t interacted with since that one drunken night in Phuket, Facebook assumes that you don’t much care nor need to see that person’s updates. As a business owner, that means if you’re not interacting with your fans, the chances of them seeing your posts is significantly less.
  • Type of post – Not all posts are created equal.  Edgerank tends to prefer media posts (photos, videos, links) over status updates, so if you are going to post about a new product, try adding a photo.
  • Engagement – Numbers don’t lie. The more comments and “likes” a post has, the more likely it is to appear as a top story. Try asking questions; you know who your Facebook audience is, talk to them!
  • Time – Last but not least, it’s worth noting that everything about Newsfeed is time sensitive. Posts will only be visible through Newsfeed for a short time, so make sure you’re adding quality content on a regular basis.

Why does all this matter? The more time your post stays in Top Stories, the more eyes that will see it, and the more valuable those “likes” to your Fan Page become.


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