How to use LinkedIn in Business


If that funny little “in” logo looks familiar but you’ve never given it much thought, let me introduce you to the social media secret weapon for businesses: LinkedIn. With over 100 million users spanning over 200 countries, the professional world is buzzing about this internet powerhouse and how to use LinkedIn in business.

LinkedIn has been around since 2002 and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn isn’t about silly videos or breakfast foods — it’s about building your professional network. You might think of the site partly as a sort of “digital rolodex” for all those business cards you might collect through networking events. LinkedIn is also a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website and getting sales leads. As a business owner, the professional connections you make are one of the most important things you can do for your business. If you work in B2B, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be on LinkedIn. Here are a few ways and reasons you and your company can get started using LinkedIn for business.


Introduce Yourself

The best way to go about getting your business started on LinkedIn is to start with yourself. Complete a profile for yourself, WITH a photo! People like to do business with those that they know, like, and trust. For the same reason that you may go out for coffee with a potential business partner, adding a photo to your LinkedIn profile is a way of demonstrating that you are a real, trustworthy person with whom your prospects should want to do business.

Introduce Your Business

Create a company profile on LinkedIn for your business. Your employees can link to your company through their profiles. You can post updates about your business and promote services through the page. If yours is a small business without much of a web presence, a LinkedIn company profile adds credibility to your website which will help boost consumer confidence. Fill out the company profile as thoroughly as possible using keywords.

Meet and Greet

Unlike other social media sites such as Facebook, your LinkedIn connections don’t have to people you have strong personal connections with. In fact, LinkedIn is the perfect place to connect with other professionals who you might never have met at all! Start by sending invitations to the people already in your address book, but then browse the “People You May Know” list or send invitations to connect with your friends’ connections. Connecting on LinkedIn is the online equivalent of swapping business cards — an excellent means of making acquaintance without needing to be too personal!


Make Professional Connections

Ever want to run a crazy business idea past other professionals before you try it out? Ever dream about being able to pick your competitor’s brain on a topic? LinkedIn has a Groups feature that lets you join in conversations related to a certain topic or interest. There are groups based on geographic region, industry, general interest…. Join groups relevant to your field and take part in the discussions. Contributing to these groups is an excellent way to build relationships with other professionals while subtly promoting your business.


Build Your Professional Reputation

More and more, customers are going to the internet seeking reviews or recommendations before making a purchase. If you offer a service, ask your clients (past or present) to write you a recommendation or endorsement explaining how the service you’ve provided has helped them. These recommendations can be made public and will turn up in Google searches for your name and your company.


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