Expanding Your Business on Facebook

Business for Facebook: How to get more fans

Setting up a Facebook business page is a great way to advertise and sell, but so many small businesses give up before they succeed, why? One of the necessary components for using Facebook for business is to have a dedicated fan base. Without fans interacting on your page, it can seem like you are talking to yourself. There’re plenty of ways to grow your fanbase, it just takes time, consistency and a bit of determination!


Saying Hi!

When you like a page, don’t just click the like, post a quick hello.  Don’t sell or demand they visit your page too, never post a picture or any other advertising material, simply say hi and that you are interested in the topic of the page.  If the page owner is interested in your brand, they may like your page in return.

Shout Out!

A popular method for gaining likers to your Facebook page is by doing shout outs. Shout outs are like page ads, you post a message to all your fans telling them about some great pages you’ve visited.  Those pages may then return the favour, exposing your brand to their likers.  To tag the page, simply type the @ symbol before the page name. Remember though, ads can be annoying so don’t do too many and don’t choose irrelevant pages!

There are Facebook networking pages that return shout outs and even sell shout outs.  At the very least you will gain the page owner as a fan at best, you’ll gain all their likers currently seeking your product.  Use the search bar to find “shout out” and “promote” pages.

However if you can’t find a page like this which is suitable for your niche, consider creating one yourself, you’re guaranteed to be popular!

The best shout outs say something about the business rather than just a shout out of business name after business name. Give your fans a reason to click on the businesses. If you can get a little branding in there for yourself, then all the better.  For example, if you made girl’s clothing this might be a good shout out:

Shout Out to another great business making beautiful things for little princesses! @Kelly’s Toys makes beautiful toys for little girls!

Remember the shout out will appear on the Kelly’s Toys wall, so adding a little branding information for yourself is a good idea!

This also makes your shout outs look less spammy – nothing loses likers faster than spam!


Getting Likers from Real Life

Another effective way to gain Facebook fans is to mention you have a Facebook business page wherever you feel it is appropriate. Leave your Facebook vanity URL on your business cards, email signature, flyers, advertising material, wherever your name appears!


Advertise on your website

Add a Facebook like box to your website or blog so visitors can become a liker without having to leave your page. Give people a reason to “like” your Facebook page – do you have exclusive offers for your fans? Let people know why they should like your page.

Contests and Giveaways

A contest or giveaway on your website or blog, promoted on your page is a great way to gain lots of new likers.  Ask entrants to “like” your Facebook page and provide you with email details for future email marketing campaigns.  Just be sure to read up on the Facebook guidelines before running competitions, they’re complicated and strict!

 Brand Ambassadors

Your clients, likers and people in your Facebook network can all be your brand’s ambassador if you give them a generous helping of customer service and value for money.

What used to be called “word of mouth” is now a more direct, more immediate and even more powerful way to make sales.  For example, your very happy client is reading a profile or page when she comes across a stranger looking for your product or services.  Because she’s so happy with you, she recommends you, including a tag to your page.  That stranger can then come by and like your page, and hopefully, armed with your client’s glowing reference, make a purchase.

Always repay your brand ambassadors with shout outs or even little gifts, it keeps those referrals coming!


Paying for Help

There are several professions dedicated to helping you succeed online:

Community Manager:  Implements growth strategies and takes care of your page.

Web Designer: Creates inviting, branded designs for your Facebook page and can also help you build custom apps used to sell, welcome or contact your potential clients.

SEO Expert:  As your page grows in popularity, it will start to show up in Google searches.  An SEO expert can help you rank better in Search Engine Results and get more clicks and likes by potential customers.

Facebook Ads:  Placing ads can help you gain likers quickly but watch it, those daily budgets really add up!  Place your ad by clicking the “get more connections” button on your Facebook page wall.

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