8 Brand Boosting Ways on How to use Pinterest


I know I know… Another social media site we all need to learn how to use! Pinterest is growing faster than Facebook, and that’s saying something! Basically, Pinterest is a photo board that you ‘pin’ images too; people can then follow your board or comment on your photos. The difference between Facebook and Pinterest is that Facebook is like going to a bar to socialise, and Pinterest is like shopping at the weekend markets.

I bet you’re asking yourself “How can I use Pinterest to boost my business?” This article will explore 8 Brand Boosting Ways on How to use Pinterest for your business! So, let’s get started.


#1 Share your products

If you have products to sell, put them on Pinterest! You can even add prices to them so people can buy. The great thing about sharing your products on Pinterest is that you get direct links back to your website, and your products will get shared around the entire site by heaps of different potential customers. Gap is a great example; they have boards with their own products as well as boards that are ‘inspirational’ or ‘iconic’ to them. Check it out here >>



#2 Highlight your services

Basically highlighting your services is similar to sharing your products. For example if you’re an Interior Designer like Tamara Romeo you can create boards that inspire your work, or boards that are of your work. All these pictures will then get shared around and linked back to your profile and website! Check it out >>


#3 Target Different Audiences

If your business caters for different audiences, you can easily segment and target each one by creating different boards. Martha Stewart Living does a great job of this. As you can see they have boards for ‘Kids’, ‘Décor’, ‘Graduation’ and other ones specific to meal times. This allows people to easily find images relating to them. View this profile >>


#4 Market Research

You don’t just have to share pretty pictures on Pinterest, TIME has introduced ‘Book Reviews’. Why?  Well, they get to comment on some books, which then brings about interest and will gain extra comments from their audience; hence, allowing TIME to gain additional insight into their customers. Check it out here >> This example from TIME is a particular Board filled with Book Reviews Pinned to the board.

You can even start your own reviews on Books, Fashion, Equipment, really whatever you like! (As long as it’s related to your audience of course). If you opt for text on the reviews you have 500 characters to describe the pin. But research shows you shouldn’t use more than 200 characters and that you should include a link, but make sure you shorten it before putting it in.


#5 Pin Videos

As I said in the previous tip, Pinterest isn’t just about sharing photos! You can Pin and Share videos too! I bet you’re now starting to see how much Pinterest can do!

Fashion Daily TV posts their Fashion Week Trailers on their profile. There fashion frenzied audience will love this (and so will Fashion Daily TV), because these videos will get re-pinned and shared about, making these videos almost viral! Check them out here >>


#6 Pin “How To” Articles and Infographics

Content that people love to read are ‘How To’ Articles and Infographics. So why not Pin them on Pinterest? These will get re-pinned a bucket load, and again, best of all you get links back to your profile and website! Check out our Pinterest Board on Infographics>>  this board already has 36 followers and heaps of re-pins.


#7 Pin Coupons and Vouchers

If you want to drive some sales or interest to your website, why not Pin a coupon or voucher for something? You could Pin a $20 voucher for anything bought through your online store; not only does this create awareness of your store but it encourages people to buy online and it will drive some sales through too! Check out The ASOS Steal, they have done a voucher/competition.


#8 Run Competitions

Pinterest doesn’t always have to be all about you and your business. Get social and get your audience on Pinterest. Start-up competitions just like Better Homes and Gardens did! They have a ‘Pinner of the Month’ competition, check it out here>>



As you can see Pinterest isn’t just another social media site. It’s actually a site that can help you visually interact with your audience on an ongoing basis. Remember it’s more than just sharing photos; it’s all about getting people involved and getting those links back to your website.

Have you tried Pinterest yet? Leave us a comment about your experience on Pinterest!

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