SEO Case Study: Average of 208% Increase in Organic Traffic

The Search Engine Optimization process is an essential part of marketing for any company.

One of our clients, a leading modern data capture technology sought both by local and global brands for their expertise, wanted to go beyond the limit of using just any old tech in marketing. This client’s success hinged on SEO helped grow his business.

When they came to us in January, our team wanted to help them grow their business through organic search and presence on Google. By focusing on fixing website errors and ensuring Google is properly crawling its site, we were able to see a 208% increase in organic website and keyword traffic. Our client saw this as an indication that more investment in SEO would lead them towards greater success.

Increase traffic through SEO

When our SEO team started implementing more changes, we wanted to make sure that Google understood their site. The first task involved a comprehensive keyword analysis and research into competitors’ keywords so we could finalise lists of focused words or phrases for each page through on-page optimisation (which includes things like adding meta tags and removing unnecessary keywords).

This resulted in a significant increase in ranking keywords for the site.

High converting keywords for SEO


The dramatic changes in traffic reached a tipping point and continued to rise at an even more rapid pace. In October, we experienced double the amount of ranking keywords with positive impact.

Our team and our client are excited about the future of their business through Search Engine Optimisation. With our innovative tools that will help our clients reach new heights in Google ranking- Simon, Director at Web123 is very enthusiastic about what we do for Australia businesses. “You just cannot imagine how awesome things can get with Web123.”

To succeed in the digital age, you need more than just technology. You also have to know how search engines work. Web123 is ready to take your business the next step with our fully-integrated, robust SEO campaign. We’ll provide a FREE 30 minute discovery call so that you can see how we work before signing up for anything – or just get some ideas of what’s possible! Book now

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How Can we Help? Let's Get Started

Build the foundation of your business's transformation online.