Increase Site Traffic in Squidoo


What is this googly-eyed internet monster everyone is talking about lately? It’s Squidoo, and it’s one of the best kept secrets for getting traffic to your website. We all know your Web123 website is awesome, but if it’s not getting all the SEO love it deserves, Squidoo is a great, easy-to-use resource for getting people to your page and gaining business.

The basics:

Where your website is like a booklet, brochure, or even catalogue of your business, a lens is like a single-page flyer. Imagine Squidoo as the biggest digital bulletin board ever, and Google absolutely loves it. By cooking the information you have on your website down to a single page of content, you make it easier for search engines to find. And, while much of it might just be a repetition of what your website says, saying it again means you’ve just doubled your potential exposure.

Squidoo was founded on the philosophy that, “Everyone’s an expert on something.” You might not think of yourself in precisely those terms, but as a business owner, you are an expert in your field. Squidoo is the perfect place to showcase your specialty through creating lenses.


How it works:

You have a website, but want more traffic. You go to and create a related lens (aka: flyer) about your industry, a product you sell, or any other tangentially related topic. WITHOUT BEING SPAMMY, reference your business name and regularly link back to your website.

And did I mention Squidoo is completely free?


How to use it:

You can create as many Squidoo lenses as you want. Make one for each sort of product or service you offer. For instance, say your company sells wine. You could create one lens about certain varieties of wine, one about a wine gift giving guide, another lens about wine pairings, and yet another lens about tips for buying wine online. All of which will point back to your website, where the customer will have an opportunity to actually purchase… your wine! This is a great way to expand and explore new keywords that might drive additional traffic to your site.


Did you know that Web123 can write, design and create your own Squidoo Page to help drive more quality traffic to your site? See our Squidoo Page Design service now.


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