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Your website is the heart and soul of your company’s web presence… but is it enough? It’s the hub for all the essential information about who you are, who you help, and how you do it. However, when someone does a search for keywords related to your business, your website may or may not be the first thing about you that turns up. Building a solid web presence is a way of ensuring that anything Google might turn up in those searches actually reflects your business — and in a good way!

Creating a website is the first step in developing a web presence, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re as established online as you should be. Your web presence can be made up of business directory listings, your social media profiles, blog posts… anything related to your company!

When someone does a search for your company name, you want there to be enough information out there for them to find you without difficulty, and on multiple platforms. From a customer standpoint, there is an expectation that a search for your company name should be enough to learn about and connect with you.

Your web presence is how and where your business positions itself online. There are many ways of getting your name all over the internet, but doing so in a way that maximises your efforts and builds credibility ought to be done with strategy, goals, and foresight.

One of the best ways to unify all the snippets of your web presence is to develop your brand. Anywhere your business might already have mention (have you Googled yourself recently?), claim that listing as your own and make it a micro version of your website.

Your business is probably already listed several places online that you might not even know about (see: Listing with Google and How to Get Links), so wherever possible claim those listings and make them your own.


Use the same colours, font styles, images, and stylised wording from your website to make your brand more easily identifiable across platforms.


Imagine the internet like a big networking event. You’re there with your business; shiny nametag, business cards, and smile ready to wow the masses. But there’s no possible way for you to get to everyone in the room (or even close to it!) without some help.


Building a web presence is a way to set up ambassadors for your company so that when someone walks into that oneline networking event, there’s a whole team of people handing out your business cards on your behalf. Not only will you come across as an industry leader, but you’ll have infinitely more opportunities to connect with others in the room than you would trying to do everything yourself.


Developing a branded web presence builds consumer confidence, a paramount part of breaking into online retail.
Have you ever found a listing of your business somewhere by surprise? What did you do to make it your own?


If your business isn’t making the splash online that it should, our design team can help you develop a better brand identity through expertly chosen colours and a winning logo. Learn more about building a powerful web presence through Web123’s custom design services.

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