5 Tips for Offline Internet Marketing


I’ll never understate the importance of establishing a web presence or the long way just a little DIY SEO can go, but in getting traffic to your site you can’t forget about the offline traffic and connections you already have. Whether you have a physical store with a lengthy list of loyal customers or are kickstarting your business just on the web, leveraging your offline connections can be very helpful in marketing your website. Here are 5 ways you can get use your real-life connections to master the marketing business and get traffic to your business website.

1. Business cards

That bite-size piece of paper that you hand around is the #1 place you should be promoting your website, especially if you work in B2B or services. This card is your signature as a professional, and it’s where you proclaim the most important details about your business to the world. At the very least your business card should include the website address and your email, but consider including a tag line about what you do or maybe a promotion. Keep the colours and branding consistent with the look of your website for uniformity — it will leave a stronger impression and make your business that much more memorable.

2. Word of Mouth

How many of your customers have you actually told that you have a website? I was shocked recently to learn that a favourite restaurant of mine in my hometown has been online for nearly a decade. I’ve been a loyal patron and supporter of this restaurant for ages, but never had the slightest idea that they had any sort of web presence. (Turns out they even have a great email marketing program!) The customers who come in to your business are there because they like you already. Make it easier for them to learn and share more about your company by communicating with them about your online endeavours.

3. Shout it from the… Register

If your business has a physical location, you have customers who you see face-to-face. These customers wander around your shop, chat with your staff, and know your brand. Put a sign up next to the cash register suggesting that customers check out your website or connect with your company on Facebook.
Print your web address as part of the contact information in invoices and receipts. If there’s space, try including a web-only special or mention a promotion code for a discount. These customers have already proven themselves to be fans of your business, why not entice sweeten the deal to keep them coming back

4. Print it up

Billboards? Magazine Ads? Bus stop placards? If you have any sort of offline advertising budget, make sure to include that one extra line of text getting your web address in the mix. Thousands of eyes might be on your ad every day, but without a web address there’s not a clear call to action of how to learn more about your company.
Anywhere you’re talking about your business, talk about your website. Those twenty or thirty characters will snag you the attention of anyone who might be curious but not compelled enough to make it to your actual store. Many sales are won and lost long before you ever have direct interaction with customers. And since your awesome website is the best place for a potential customer to learn all about you and your products, you can rest assured that they’ll only see good things when they get there.

5. Sponsored Love

This technique requires a few more bucks but could pay off in sales as much as it does in karma. Consider sponsoring a group, team, or charity your business supports. Imagine having your company logo and web address across the shirts of a dozen junior footy players, or on the water bottles given to marathon runners raising money to cure cancer. A big part of promoting your website offline is building brand recognition. The more we see something the more we internalise it. Phone numbers are very difficult for many people to remember, but a memorable web address is a great tool for branding.

Sponsorships are a great way of getting your business name (and website!) in the public eye by developing a relationship with the local community. By customising your sponsorships to match up with charities and organisations that match your business goals, you can create a positive platform to communicate your products and services to a whole new market.


Mastering the marketing business is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. The more exposure you can get the more traffic you’ll get to your site, and that’s where the conversions happen!

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