Turn the Sales Funnel Up-Side-Down!


What’s the point in targeting a massive audience to only receive a small percentage of those people as actual sales? If you think the way to market and sell your products is best done this way I am about to change your thinking!

Marketing is all about trying to get someone to know about your product or service and buy your product or service, and hopefully become a repeat buyer (loyal customer). You think that targeting EVERYONE possible will help you get the few customers needed… it may work but there’s a better solution.

What if you turned your sales funnel upside down? If you did that what would you have? That’s right, a funnel with the tip pointing up and its big stable base sitting solidly on the bottom. So, what does this mean to you?

Target a few to reach the many

Now consider this, what if you targeted a small number of consumers, this targeted group creates word of mouth amongst their groups of family and friends, which then creates an interest amongst a wider amount of people, to then create a mass awareness. Now, this all happens with YOU only spending a little budget on targeting a small group of the right consumers. How EASY is that?


So how do you pick the right customers to market your product for you? Well, it’s all about knowing what niche markets are interested in your product. You should already know that there will be about 20% of your customers that will give you 80% of sales… these customers are perfect to target as they are already loyal. So, why don’t you offer a ‘Friends and Family’ offer, you can email your customer and tell them to forward it onto friends and family, which will give them a discount on your products. Not only is this easy to setup, it’s also free word of mouth to an audience you may not be hitting yet! Social media is a great way to measure word of mouth of your customers also.

Ideally, you need to be able to create a behaviour change with your targeted audience in order to persuade them to buy. Each consumer’s mind is difficult to understand as everyone has different perceptions, morals, beliefs and behaviours. Your loyal customers have already been through the behavioural change process, as they are now loyal buyers – they know your brand and product and feel comfortable in purchasing it. So, use them as creditable resources in order to change the behaviour of other audience members.

It’s time to change your thinking and turn it up-side-down. Not only will your finances thank you, but your sales and customer base will increase. So remember, target your niche to create a greater awareness via word of mouth in order to change the wider audiences behaviour.


If you’re having difficulties in marketing to your customers and need some help on how you can improve, let us know and we would be happy to give you some advice!

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