A Guide in Writing Your Website Content

How to go about writing copy for your new website

Your decision to build your own website is a smart one.  Don’t blow it by filling it with dumb copy!  Writing dumb copy is the easiest thing in the world to do – anyone with half a brain can do it, including professional copywriters.  So before you have a go at writing copy for your new website, take some time to consider what copywriting actually is, and what it’s supposed to achieve. Because there’s more to writing copy than stringing together a few clichés and the occasional cute line.

Think of copywriting as a well chosen collection of words that explains who you are, what you do, and why people should be so interested in who you are and what you do. It is a craft, not an art.

Copywriting should sell before it entertains. Sure, your copywriting should be engaging and interesting – this will keep the reader hooked and the longer they’re hooked, the more they’ll get to know you.

But, if your copywriting doesn’t provoke a reaction beyond a mere ‘ gee, that was entertaining’ then, sorry to say, you’ve failed!

Writing copy for the right audience

So what do you need to know about this copywriting business? The first thing to know is your reader. If your website is devoted to the sale of Barry Manilow memorabilia, it’s a fair bet that your average reader will be of a certain vintage, and almost certainly female. How would you talk to this person if you encountered them on the street? ‘Gidday mate’? Probably not, mate.

When writing copy always use the language your average reader will connect with. Trying to be too trendy when writing for a conservative market, or too patronising when writing for a Gen Y audience, will alienate the people you need the most.

Frequently check your language is appropriate to your readers. No matter how well you write, if it’s not written with the target audience in mind, you won’t hang onto them.


The long and short of writing copy

Now that you know your audience, it’s time to dazzle them! You don’t have long to turn on the charm, mind you. Some research suggests that a reader will stick with you for about 8 seconds – it’s up to you to overcome this short attention span. Start with memorable, snappy headlines that promise great things ahead.

Connect with the reader by continually pointing out how the benefits and features of your business intersect with their needs or desires. Don’t get off track by blowing your own trumpet too loudly – always keep the reader in mind when writing copy and make it all about satisfying them.

Of course you should establish your credentials, but those credentials, your expertise and your undoubted genius should always be of benefit to the customer.


The last word on writing copy

You know your target market, you’ve written copy that they understand, and you’ve sold them the benefits of dealing with you.

Now, one more thing. Check that your grammar and spelling are perfect. One little mistake could overshadow your whole website – people do tend to remember errors. And even the smallest faux pas could cast a very large cloud over your reputation.

Look like a professional at all times by doing a spell and grammar check when you’ve completed your copy. Let your readers remember you for reasons other than basic spelling and grammatical errors!


Do you have any copy tips you can share? Leave a comment now.

Without great copywriting, your product is balding, toothless and saggy bottomed. Writing copy can make or break your website! If you need some help with the words that hook a reader in and empty their wallet out, check out the various Copywriting Services we offer at very affordable prices.

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